Enhance Your Ping Pong Game with these Top Accessories for Your Stiga Onyx Table

Enhance Your Ping Pong Game with these Top Accessories for Your Stiga Onyx Table 1


Table Tennis Paddles

The paddle is an essential component of your ping pong game. While the table and balls are just as critical, the paddle you pair with your Stiga Onyx table can have a significant impact on your game.

When shopping for a ping pong paddle, make sure that you consider your skill level, playing style, and level of intensity during a game. Paddles come in various types that are suited for specific playing styles.

  • Offensive Paddles: If your style is more aggressive, then you should consider purchasing a paddle designed for offensive play.
  • Defensive Paddles: Alternatively, players who rely on a defensive strategy prefer paddles with more extensive surfaces that can increase their chances of returning balls safely.
  • All-Around Paddles: These paddles typically work for most players that want a balanced approach to playing ping pong.
  • Table Tennis Balls

    The quality of the ping pong ball you play with can affect your performance. Balls come in different sizes, colours, and materials, and the best possible type depends on your needs, preferences, and level of play.

    The three main types of ping pong balls are:

  • One-Star Balls: These ping pong balls are typically less expensive, made of lightweight plastic, and are used primarily for recreational play.
  • Two-Star Balls: These are a step-up from one-star balls, with a slightly higher quality of construction.
  • Three-Star Balls: As the highest quality balls, these are used in professional level games, with a more consistent bounce and a better roundness.
  • Table covers and protectors

    To ensure that your Stiga Onyx ping pong table is durable and protected from external factors, you may want to invest in table Covers and Protectors. These items can prevent scratches, dings, and dirt, prolonging the life span of your table.

    You can either choose a protective cover for storage and transportation purposes or the table protectors, which you can place over the table surface to protect it from scratches and spills. These options are both incredibly useful, and you should consider buying one for your Stiga Onyx table.

    Ball Dispensers

    When playing recreationally or for professional purposes, it can be frustrating to have to retrieve loose balls from various parts of the room consistently. To avoid this, you can invest in ping pong ball dispensers.

    Enhance Your Ping Pong Game with these Top Accessories for Your Stiga Onyx Table 2

    Ball dispensers are designed to hold up to 100 ping pong balls, making it easy to store and access them while playing. Be sure to choose the type of dispenser that can hold up to your playing frequency and the dimensions of your Stiga Onyx table.

    Ping Pong Nets

    A ping pong net is critical to the game of table tennis. It separates the two sides of the playing surface and helps keep score during a match. Nets come in an array of materials, sizes, and qualities, and it’s essential to choose one that works for your needs.

    The two main criteria to consider when shopping for a ping pong net are first, the size of your Stiga Onyx table, and secondly, the fit of the net.

    However, there are other safety nets used during tournaments that a player may consider, like the ones with an adjustable clip to ensure it secures in place. We’re always striving to add value to your learning experience. That’s why we recommend visiting this external website with additional information about the subject. https://foosballgaming.com/collections/stiga-onyx-table-tennis-table, learn more!


    Accessories can help improve your overall ping pong playing experience by ensuring your Stiga Onyx table is protected, your ping pong balls are easily accessible, and you have the right paddle and net for your playing style. We hope this article provided some insights into what accessories are essential for players of all levels, and help you find the right accessories to enhance your next ping pong game.

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