Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options 1


Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have long been the go-to option for correcting dental misalignments in both children and adults. These braces consist of metal brackets that are bonded to the teeth and connected with archwires. The wires exert pressure on the teeth, gradually moving them into their proper positions. Traditional braces can effectively treat even complex orthodontic issues such as overcrowding, gaps, and bite problems. To achieve a comprehensive grasp of the subject, be sure to visit the suggested external source. You’ll discover a wealth of additional details and a new viewpoint., enrich your learning experience!


Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional braces, especially among adults who prefer a more discreet treatment option. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-made to fit over the teeth. These aligners are virtually invisible, making them hardly noticeable when worn. Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and eating without any dietary restrictions. Although Invisalign may not be suitable for severe orthodontic cases, it is an excellent solution for mild to moderate misalignments.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces in terms of function but differ in placement. While traditional braces are bonded to the front of the teeth, lingual braces are attached to the back surface, facing the tongue. This placement makes lingual braces virtually invisible from the outside, offering a discreet treatment option for adults. Lingual braces can effectively correct misalignments but may take a bit longer compared to traditional braces due to the different mechanics involved.

Ceramic Braces

If you desire a less noticeable option than traditional metal braces but still prefer a fixed orthodontic appliance, ceramic braces may be the right choice for you. These braces feature brackets made of clear or tooth-colored ceramic materials, blending in with the natural color of your teeth. Ceramic braces provide the same level of effectiveness as traditional braces but with a more aesthetic appeal. However, it’s essential to note that ceramic braces may be more prone to staining and require extra care compared to other options.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces offer an innovative alternative to traditional braces by eliminating the need for elastic ligatures. Instead, these braces use built-in clips or doors to secure the archwires in place. This design allows for more efficient and comfortable tooth movement while reducing the number of orthodontic visits required. Self-ligating braces are available in both metal and ceramic options, catering to individual preferences and treatment needs.


Adults who are considering orthodontic treatment have a range of options available to them. Whether you prefer the reliability of traditional braces, the flexibility of Invisalign, the invisibility of lingual braces, or the aesthetics of ceramic braces, there is a treatment option that can address your specific needs and preferences. Consulting with an experienced orthodontist will allow you to determine the most suitable option for achieving the straight and healthy smile you desire. Complement your reading and expand your knowledge on the topic with this specially selected external content for you. Best orthodontist in Dubai, reveal fresh insights and supplementary details!

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