Forms of Air Ducts


There are many different types of air ducts. Relying on the installation, you may install Class 1 ducts, Rectangular ductwork, or Metalized PET ducts. You should also know what to look for when buying a brand new duct. This text covers the several types of air ducts and the differences between them. Read on to learn extra! Listed under are some common sorts of air ducts.

Class 1 air ducts

Class 1 air ducts must meet or exceed sure security requirements. To be a class 1 duct, it should meet the flame unfold and smoke developed ratings of 50. If the ducts are weaker than that, they might burn in certain functions. FRP ducts with smoke technology rankings larger than 50 are required to have specialised sprinkler methods. These requirements are set by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the main provider of product security certification and compliance solutions.

Fiberglass duct board

When constructing your air ducts, it’s necessary to contemplate how one can avoid the potential problems with fiberglass duct board. This fibrous material is vulnerable to eroding in the airstream, which makes the method more sophisticated. Also, a fiberglass duct board must be properly sealed to avoid any leaks. In case your house is damp, you may want to choose sheet metal. Sheet steel ducts are sometimes insulated on both sides, but the method might be time-consuming and costly. Fiberglass duct board is already insulated, and so you do not need to fret concerning the complexities of heatproofing your HVAC unit.

Rectangular ductwork

There are various benefits to utilizing rectangular ducted methods in your home. For starters, they are versatile and simply adaptable to totally different height necessities. They can be damaged down into sections and transported via truck. And they’re handy for department faucet-ins. If you’re putting in rectangular duct programs in your house, you might want to consider a double wall rectangular duct system. One of these duct options an insulation layer between the inside and outer duct.

Galvanized mild steel

The worth of Galvanized duct will depend on a number of factors, together with the dimensions of the air duct, its thickness, and the type of material used to make it. The fee can differ considerably relying on the fabric used and the customization level. Most suppliers produce a range of sizes and thicknesses. The thickness you want is dependent upon the applying. Whether or not your application requires a small or large duct will determine how much you need to pay.

Fabric ducts

Using fabric on your air ducts has many advantages, including the flexibility to improve the move of air all through your building. The fabric is lightweight, straightforward to scrub, and has many options to decorate. Because of this, fabric ducts are more and more replacing conventional air ducts. Fabric ducts are available in four totally different series, including the HVAC collection, which is finest suited for most cooling and heating purposes, the purification collection, and the non-combustible sequence, which is applicable to contemporary air delivery.

Correct installation

Whether or not you’re constructing a brand new residence or renovating your outdated one, proper installation of air ducts is important for optimal comfort. Proper set up of air ducts permits you to take pleasure in the benefits of HVAC techniques for many years to come. In addition to creating your home more comfortable, a effectively-functioning HVAC system is an indication of a healthy and nicely-maintained house. Proper installation of air ducts is important for the effectivity of your HVAC system. Listed under are some ideas for correct duct set up:


The EPA has warned in opposition to the usage of biocides in air duct cleansing. Biocides are chemical sprays designed to kill micro organism and stop future progress of the same. Whereas focused use of biocides could also be useful, there isn’t a definitive research to assist their use in a house ventilation system. As well as, the chemicals could have adverse well being effects, so it’s best to remember of the precautions to take before utilizing them.

Chemical therapies

There are a number of chemicals that can be utilized as chemical therapies for air ducts. There are biocide products which are registered to disinfect the surfaces of unlined sheet steel ducts. Nevertheless, there are not any registered biocide products for fiber glass duct board or insulated duct programs. Therefore, it is important to read the MSDS earlier than using a chemical therapy for air ducts. It’s also important to consult with your industrial hygienist in case of any adverse reactions or well being issues. If you loved this post and you would love to receive more information with regards to i implore you to visit our web site.

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